Back in Paris for a few days

3 weeks in Paris after a long break… and still the same feeling: I’m definitely not ready to come back living there. And I still wonder how I managed to enjoy this “parisian” life. This city could be great if it was cleaned, and if its people were able to understand the meaning of a simple word: “service”.

Back in France

Back in France for the summer. As usual it takes me a few days to get used again to the behaviour of locals, to the dirt and bad smells. The only exception to this acclimatation being the metro in Paris, this shame on wheels to which I will never get used again.

But fortunately this global mess is only typical of most big cities. The French countryside offers a completely different picture. Cute, typical, clean and ordered… a real delight.

Preparing a “nichibu” dancer


Preparing a nichibu dancer for his/her performance on stage takes time, and involves a lot of specialized staff: for the make up, for the costume, and for the wig. It’s not a 10 mn process, but rather a long and precise one.

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Miss Charlotte enjoying the beach

Life is so easy when you’re only 1.

Orange everywhere

The “stop button” in Japanese buses… I did not actually fall in love with stop buttons. I just enjoyed the orange and soft bokeh produced by the 135mm lens. Pleasure is everywhere :)

Office view

New office, with a view this time!

Taxi war… not in Tokyo ?!

Taxis are on strike in Paris… a quite violent one. All this because of Uber. In Tokyo, no. Everything works smoothly, even if Uber also runs its services in Japan. But here Taxis have very few to fear from these new services, simply because there is almost no room for improvement. Cars are clean (always), drivers are polite (mostly), they don’t charge for the waiting time if any, they don’t ask stupid extras to use the trunk, they accept credit cards (most of the time), they never refuse a course (even a short one), they refuse tips, and they stop the meter if they take a wrong direction by mistake.
This is true for taxis, and could easily be applied to almost every other area in everyday life. In Japan the word “service” has a true meaning, and it changes everything.

Crossing Tokyo Bay

The Aqua Line offers fantastic views on Yokohama and Tokyo when driving back from Chiba in in the evening.

Light and smoke

Light and smoke come from the stick Marion was holding.

Taxi top

Taxi roof, seen from a bus through a 135mm f2 lens.